Are there any restriction to ship some products?

Yes. Depending on the country where your event is taking place, there are different restrictions, for example in medicines, natural raw materials, some food and beverages, among others. We can advise in possible restrictions before you select your merchandise.

What should I do if my shipment is stuck at customs?

Give us a call, we will provide free consultation. Each country is unique about the treatment of importing commodities for meetings and events; frequently, Courier´s mode of clearance is highly restrictive, meaning that it is limited to certain items/commodities and value/weight limits.

What are the payment methods?
  1. PayPal
  2. Wire Transfers
  3. Company check
Is it advisable to hire cargo insurance?

Yes. It is highly recommended. You must know that the transportation of your shipment from origin to destinations will have continuous changes and manipulations, it means that each box in your shipment will pass through different hands, from warehouses, airlines, transport, even domestic and international government entities.

Which destinations does Exhibitions Cargo covers?

If your event is taking place in Aruba, Bahamas, Bora Bora, Cancún, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Dubai, England, Italy, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Monaco, Nevis, Puerto Vallarta or Spain, we are your best option.

But we cover almost any destination in the world.

Give us a call!

Can you pick up the boxes from my office?

Yes, we need to consult with our Logistics Team because we need to add extra days to the timeline depending on the location and for quoting purposes.

Should I send the invoice inside the box?

We highly suggest keeping the contents confidential, do not specify the contents of the boxes, this include type of content, brand or approximate value, nor include the commercial invoice inside of it.

Why are the boxes opened in Mexico?

The boxes are opened during Customs Inspection as authorities count, compare and confirm that what is contained in the shipment matches to what was declared on the invoice.

Do I get a tracking number from you?

As the boxes will not be sent by a courier, we will be updating along the process and will provide proof of delivery as soon as it is confirmed.

Why can’t I send my boxes by courier?

Our suggestion is to use this type of service when you are sending printed materials, cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, etc. that does not exceed 1000 USD.

Why did my shipment get stuck in customs?

A shipment can get stuck in customs because of several reasons: contents, value and quantity.

Are there any restrictions that I need to be aware of?

There are some items or ingredients that are forbidden and others that are just restricted.

Are you able to give me an estimate on how much your services will cost?

In order to provide an estimated quote, we need to know information about the shipment like the destination, description of contents, quantity, unit value, number of boxes, its dimensions and weight and if other services are requested.

How much is it for the insurance?

1% of the total value of the shipment being 80 USD the minimum quantity. It covers ordinary risks of transit and violent theft.

How does the tax waiver work?

It is a benefit granted by the country of destination to totally or partially exempt taxes.

Why do I have to sign a customs letter? If I am not going to the event, is it OK for me to sign it?

The customs letter is a requirement for the customs clearance process, and it does not represent any legal responsibility to the person who is signing or the company. You can sign the letter even though you’re  not attending. You’re declaring that you are a foreign company, that the goods will be destined to an international convention and that Expos Cargo will handle the logistics and the import process.

Why do you need my ID?

The ID is needed for retrievals. As your signing a cession of rights letter and, sometimes, a POA letter, the signature on these letters must be the same as the one on the ID.
It can also be a special requirement of certain countries for the customs process.

Why are there restrictions for electronics in Mexico?

Mexico is implementing a few changes in their import regulations that affect electronics. They require a NOM certificate to be imported.

Are there exemptions to get the NOM Certificate?

You won’t have any problems sending commodities with a value under $50USD each and have the event logo on them or if your products are temporary and will return with the importer.

If we put an event logo on the electronic, and it’s over $50 USD, would it still require a certificate?

Yes, if the electronics are over $50 USD, they will need the certificate with or without the logo.

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